Jamie Williams

  Jamie Williams has photographed a wide variety of people and places for more than 20 years, but her true passion is capturing the indomitable spirit of the American Cowgirl.

"I think the cowgirl has been somewhat overlooked and hasn't had her due recognition. It is my intention to change that" states Williams. "Cowgirls have very strong values; they love their families, their land and animals. It's a very pure way of life."

Williams hales from Lubbock, Texas, where she spent much of her youth on farms and ranches. Today, she lives in Tucson, Arizona, though her work takes her all over the world. Williams is working on a joint photography book/documentary film project that will showcase every genre of cowgirl from the western lifestyle including ranch owners, horse whisperers, trick riders, and rodeo queens.

Williams was recently awarded an artist grant for her project from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.

Williams also works with a variety of commercial clients including American Airlines, Arizona Office of Tourism, Miraval Spa & Resort, Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, Westin La Paloma and World Picture News. Her work has appeared in Travel & Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Town & Country, Fortune, Forbes, and The Sunday New York Times Magazine. To see more of her commercial work visit www.ThatGirlProductions.com